The New Nature Story

Jason Martinez - The New Nature

Jason Martinez

Jason is a singer-songwriter musician from Tampa, FL who received the vision for “The New Nature” while locked up at Maxwell Federal Prison Camp. Before Jason gave his life to God, he was living for money, lusts, and pleasure. He owned MM Financial, a multi-million dollar Mortgage Company and did whatever it took to close deals. In 2010, Jason was busted my the FBI for $3,000,000 worth of mortgage fraud and was sentenced to 3 years in prison. While in prison, God confirmed his calling and put him in touch with Jacob McGowan & Joey Dunlap. Together the three pressed into God’s presence like never before, and evangelized the prison compound. Upon his release from prison Jason founded 14:6 Records the vehicle in which he intends to evangelize the youth.

In 2016, Jason Martinez teamed up with a good friend and Man of God from prison John Smith and helped launch Broken Chains Conference. The first conference event was in Winder, GA at Covenant Life Sanctuary on June 12, 2016. Please be sure to support and visit the ministry at GOD BLESS!

Joey Dunlap

From Kingpin to Kingdom! Joey Dunlap is a former Drug Kingpin turned Evangelist from Palmetto, FL. Before he was serving God, Joey ran a large drug operation and made a fortune doing so. His lifestyle of money, greed, and women made him local celebrity and had all the young kids looking up to him. This all changed when his house was raided by a competing drug dealer and he was shot 9 times. Left for dead and running out of blood, Joey somehow managed to make it outside and call 911. While lying in the ambulance Joey called out to God for the first time in his life. God not only allowed him to live, but he removed all evil desires from his heart and put him on a new track!


Jacob McCowan

Jacob McGowan is an Evangelist from Fort Myers FL who received his calling while incarcerated at Maxwell Federal Prison Camp in Montgomery, AL. While in prison, The Lord delivered Jacob from many addictions and allowed him to learn the things of the Spirit as he was baptized in the Holy Spirit and received his supernatural prayer language. Jacob has a heart for the youth and has a deep passion to lead the youth to Jesus. Before Jacob was began serving The Lord, he was selling drugs and always in trouble with the law. Now Jacob has a “New Nature” and a new perspective as he lives daily for the Kingdom of God. Jacob McGowan is an extraordinary example of the Grace of God!

AJ - The New Nature


Born as “Adam Chambers”, AJ is the newest addition to the New Nature Lineup. DJ, lyricist, artist….AJ has grown a passion for electronic music and EDM. As a professional working DJ and EDM festival junkie, AJ decided to join the group after becoming friends with front man and The New Nature producer Jason Martinez. Adam Chambers made the decision to use his musical talents and gifts for Jesus instead of The World. Since he has joined the group he has become an essential part of the group and his high energy live performance is perhaps one of the best in the Industry. AJ is very excited about the future of The New Nature and looks forward to making an impact on the youth for the Kingdom of God!