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Trump 2020 Song:


Official Trump 2020 Victory Trap "Trump is a Trumpet"
DROPS on  10/1/2020!
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And Jesus answered, 'I am the way, the truth, and the life. No one comes to the Father but through me' - JOHN 14:6


"Holy Living" with Jason Martinez
Throne Zone with Jacob McCowan
Christian EDM Album "LET THE FUTURE LAY HOLD" Out Now!

"Let the Future Lay Hold" is one of the most important albums for Contemporary Christian Music (CCM) in 2020. It pushes the genre's boundaries and presents the gospel of Jesus Christ to an entirely new generation and demographic. Christian EDM has been predominantly underground with a handful of relevant Christian DJs producing high quality content. With "Let the Future Lay Hold" The New Nature delivers authentic high energy EDM and TRAP "Bangers" fused with the Word of God  and the power of the Holy Spirit. As the Church Age comes to a close and God begins to usher in the end times, the Saints and God's chosen are beginning to recognize the "signs of the times" and are preparing themselves physically and spiritually for the second coming of Jesus Christ. They are anticipating the arrival of God's Kingdom and are repenting from all sins and making their robes white. It is through this vein that "Let the Future Lay Hold" is written.

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