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Jason Martinez (No Chainz)

Jason Martinez whose stage name is "No Chainz" is a Christian Rapper, DJ, Musician, and Entrepreneur from Tampa, FL and serves as the frontman and founder of The New Nature Music Ministry. Before Jason was living for God he was living for money, status, and material possessions. He started a multi-million dollar real estate and mortgage firm upon graduating college and did whatever it took to close deals. The Federal Government eventually took notice of his operation and in 2009 and he was indicted by the FBI. While serving 5 years in federal prison for a multi-million dollar mortgage fraud scheme in 2010, Jason enrolled in a prison bible college and sought God with fasting and prayer. After hearing the voice of God and confirming his ministry calling, he recruited fellow inmates Joey Dunlap and Jacob McCowan and together they taught bible studies and evangelized the compound.


Upon their release from prison the group enlisted friend and local talent, "DJ AJ", and immediately started producing Christian EDM and Hip Hop tracks. They also started performing at youth groups and Christian Festivals. Within a few years the group would get recognition for a remix of their break out Christian EDM Banger "What!". The new track "What?! (Vocal Remix) would go on to sell thousands of copies and would ultimately chart #13 on the Soundscan Top 100 Singles Chart in 2016. Watch the "What?! (Vocal Remix) Official Music Video here. Jason also hosts "Holy Living" which appears on The New Nature youtube channel.


While incarcerated Jason would hear the voice of God regularly and begin to operate in the prophetic. Jason was given special revelation from God regarding the upcoming nuclear attack on the continental United States which he is currently turning into a book entitled "Nuclear Attack for Christmas: Preparing for the end of America." Although the future looks grim with lots of trials and tribulation, Jason continues to remind God's people that relationship with God through Jesus Christ is the most important thing in these last days. He encourages the Church to constantly purify themselves and keep their robes white because Jesus can come at any time.


THE NEW NATURE is a CHRISTIAN RAP/TRAP/EDM MUSIC MINISTRY from Tampa, FL. The group is comprised of members Jason Martinez, Adam Chambers, Joey Dunlap, and Jacob McCowan. The vision for the group was conceived while founding members were incarcerated at Maxwell Federal Prison Camp in Montgomery, AL.


The New Nature is not just about music. It's a movement! It's about being radically changed by the power of the Holy Spirit. It's the result of the Holy Spirit living inside and transforming every area of life. The New Nature is what it means to be "born again". It is the demonstration of God's power in operation. Evangelists Jason Martinez, Jacob McCowan, and Joey Dunlap experienced this power first hand while incarcerated at Maxwell Federal Prison Camp in Montgomery, AL. While locked up, they spent several years in the presence of God. They were given a special revelation on the Science of Regeneration, the Grace of God, and a prophetic look into the grim future of the United States of America. They were commissioned by God to explain and deliver the message in a way that the new generation would understand. Hence, the slogan "The Voice of a New Generation". They would be given special gifts and abilities needed to reach this generation in a new way through music, entertainment, and media. Please watch The New Nature Explanation video to understand the Science of Regeneration and the trichotomy of man.


The New Nature Music Ministry continues to produce high quality original CHRISTIAN RAP/TRAP/EDM content under the 14:6 Records label and performs youth groups, church events, and Christian festivals all over the country. The group's core message is "Evangelistic and Prophetic" in nature and puts an emphasis on "Holiness, Purity, and Relationship with Jesus Christ". The New Nature also produces original Christian programming including "Holy Living", "Throne Zone", and "From Kingpin to Kingdom" which premieres weekly on their Youtube channel. The New Nature is a non-profit music ministry and does not charge for their performances or events. They also offer FREE DOWNLOADS of all their music on their official site. Please contact us if you are interested in booking us for your next event. GOD BLESS!


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Adam Chambers (DJ AJ)

Adam Chambers is a Tampa native who decided to DJ for Jesus instead of the world. His dreams of becoming a semipro soccer player where shattered when he broke his leg while playing high school soccer. Needing to find a  new avenue to channel his energies AJ decided to cultivate his love and a passion for music into a legitimate career. After being introduced to Jason Martinez through a mutual friend, Jason saw waves of potential and immediately enlisted him for The New Nature project and hired him as an event DJ to his wedding DJ company DJ Jason & Associates. The two became close friends and started to fine tune their craft of electronic music, mixing, and production. Soon after the "What!" single, "What?!" (Vocal Remix), and "Let the Future Lay Hold" album was produced. AJ continues to walk out his Christian faith and puts Jesus Christ in the center of his life. He has a heart for the youth and wants to tell the younger generation that  there is no fulfillment in the lusts of the flesh and sin will only cause pain and suffering. His life scripture that he lives by is Romans 5:3 which states "We rejoice in our sufferings, knowing that suffering produces endurance, and endurance produces character, and character produces hope, and hope does not put us to shame."


Joey Dunlap

"From Kingpin to Kingdom" is not only the name of the show that Evangelist Joey Dunlap hosts on The New Nature Youtube channel, but is also slogan of Joey Dunlap's life and the title of his upcoming book. Before Joey was serving The Lord he would be known for moving large amounts of cocaine and illegal drugs on the streets of Palmetto, FL which earned him the title of Kingpin and garnered  him respect from his neighborhood. As his wealth and clout grew so did the risk and dangers of the business. In 2007 an unexpected event would happen that would change his life forever. One night as Joey lay in his bed to fall asleep he was awoken by yelling and screaming and a gun pointed to his face. It was a home invasion and Joey was the target. As the assailants stole money, jewelry, and drugs, Joey fought his way out of the house and called 911. As he walked down the street and reached for his cell phone he felt weak and noticed blood coming from under his clothes. Upon closer examination he realized that he had been shot several times and he was hanging on to dear life. When the ambulance came it was revealed to him that he had been shot 9 times including a gunshot wound to the head. Joey, who had already re-dedicated his life to Jesus Christ in 2005, cried out to God and asked The Lord to save his life. In that moment Joey made a vow to God that if his life would be sparred, he would give his life completely to God and serve him through ministry. God works in mysterious ways and not only did God save Joey's life that night, but he allowed Joey to go to prison where he would further refine his faith and put him in contact with Jason Martinez and Jacob McCowan, where they would build the foundation for The New Nature Ministry.


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Jacob McCowan

Jacob McCowan is an Evangelist from Fort Myers, FL who received his ministry calling while incarcerated at Montgomery Federal Prison Camp in Montgomery, AL. Before giving his life to Jesus Christ, Jacob was more concerned with drugs, alcohol, and pleasing the lusts of the flesh. After receiving a 2 year prison sentence for distribution of a controlled substance, Jacob found himself in a tough spot. For the first time in his life he was alone with no one to turn to. This experience led him on a path of self discovery where he would eventually hear the Gospel of Jesus Christ. One day on the prison compound Jacob had an experience with The Lord that would change the course of his life forever. Depressed over his current situation and a declining relationship with his baby's mother, Jacob decided to go to the prison chapel service to find spiritual guidance and relief. After the service had ended Jacob was approached my an inmate he had never seen before. Jason Martinez introduced himself and began to deliver a message from The Lord. Jason told him that while he was sitting in the chapel service, The Lord showed him Jacob and impressed in his spirit that we was going to be a mighty Evangelist and lead many of the youth to Jesus Christ. When Jacob heard these words he began sobbing because he also felt that God was calling him to his son Jesus Christ and the ministry. Shortly after Jacob was baptized in the Alabama River behind the prison camp and accepted Christ as his personal Lord and Savior. He also prayed for the gifts of The Spirit and received the gift of praying in tongues. From this moment on Jacob was on fire for The Lord sharing the Gospel with whomever would listen. He would eventually produce his own show "Throne Zone" and feature it on The New Nature Youtube channel.




14:6 Records
4819 Sierra Madre Drive

Tampa, FL 33634




Jason Martinez



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