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"When the Christmas lights are up and the snow is on the ground is when it will happen." - The Parawon Prophet, Leland Freeborn


Preparing for the End of America

The United States of America has broken her covenant with God and now God has turned his back on America. All of the freedoms and blessings the United States has enjoyed will soon be over and replaced with judgement for her sins and abominations. The leadership of our country, under the control of The New World Order, has secretly sold out the American people and removed God from government. The New World Order is a Satanic cult of Globalist Elites who are hell bent on World Government and are planning the ultimate crisis to bring the whole world to it's knees. Unfortunately this crisis will be a nuclear attack that will devastate the nation and destroy millions of lives. The good news is that God does not allow anything to happen without first warning his people through his prophets. In the last four decades God has sent several prophets to warn of the upcoming nuclear attack on the United States but no one seems to heed the warning. In these last days it's vitally important to cling to God and keep your robes white. God will protect his chosen and not allow any of these atrocities to affect them. Now is the time to hear the voice of The Lord and prepare yourself and your loved ones for the end of the United States as we know it.

It was a typical summer afternoon in 2016 when I heard the voice say "Nuclear Attack for Christmas". As I lay on my office couch recovering from yet another exhaustive day at DJ Jason & Associates headquarters, I turned off my mind and entered into a prayerful-meditative state with the hopes of erasing every stressful and demanding thought that had earlier warred with my mind. I slipped into a realm somewhere between  awake and asleep when the voice shouted into my consciousness the chilling and sobering words "Nuclear Attack for Christmas". The words vibrated through my core like a clanging cymbal and was immediately followed by an open vision where I saw a map of the United States with a large "red x" in the middle of what seemed to be the states of Utah, Arizona, New Mexico, and Colorado. Not understanding what any of this meant I recorded what I saw and heard into my prayer log and went about my day with an uneasiness in my spirit. This happened in the summer of 2016.

This vision was followed a few weeks later by a dream The Lord gave me. In the dream I was hovering over the ocean of what appeared to be the eastern seaboard of the United States. As I look down into the dark waters I saw several submarines approaching the continental United States. The dream was at night so I couldn't see any writing or symbols on the submarines. Then finally on another occasion during my prayer time I asked The Lord directly if there would be World War III. Then The Lord answered "Many people like you killed. Talk to me. Can you buy me something? A doughnut? The end is coming. Princeton, Yale, United Nations, and in New York. It may not be May, maybe."

Upon hearing this I realized that The Lord was sending a message. I immediately googled the phrase "Nuclear Attack for Christmas" and was surprised by what I found. As it turns out there were 3 major prophecies in the last 40 years that outlined a nuclear attack on the United States by Russia. The Henry Gruver Prophecy, the Dimitru Duduman Prophecy, and the Parowan Prophet were all in agreement. They all accurately detailed the destruction of the United States of America by Russia with the help of China. I then realized that God had already judged America and had already sent his prophets to warn his people. The Lord also verified through the Parowan Prophet's Prophecy that the attack does indeed happen in December around Christmas time as he writes, "When the Christmas lights are up and the snow is on the ground, is when it will happen."

I don't consider myself a Prophet and I don't know my The Lord has entrusted me with such information. What I know for sure is that these prophesies are true and will come to pass in the near future. Of course no one knows the exact day or hour that it will happen, but we do know we are closer now then ever before. The good news is that God is faithful and he will protect "his people" from this destruction. If you are a already a Christian and have accepted Jesus Christ, now is the time to purify yourself and keep your robes white and spotless from the world. If you have not accepted Jesus Christ as your personal Lord and Savior then now is the time to do so. Please watch the "WHAT IS THE NEW NATURE?" video to understand salvation and the spiritual regeneration process. Remember... The nuclear attack is survivable and you don't have to perish. There will be many "safe zones" that The Lord will establish as we get closer. Rural areas and the countryside will be way safer so now is a good time to start leaving the cities. Also start investing in storable foods, medicines, water filtration systems, and firearms. Another great resource with tons of information about Surviving the Attack can be found at

I write this sincerely and with a heavy heart. I pray that God will bless you with all wisdom and knowledge and reveal the truth to you through the Holy Spirit. GOD BLESS! - Jason Martinez


Henry Gruver Prophecy 1986
Dimitru Duduman Prophecy 1984 - America Will Burn!
The Parowan Prophet
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